Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Whose idea was the weather - and other round up stories

I have just left Cowley St in the rain and gale and discovered that my shoes are leaking. My toes are paddling in their very own pool of water at the moment. I need to make a trip to the cobblers! Mind you, the last time I did that, it was almost as cheap to buy new shoes. Anyway the weather is vile. I don't want to dwell too long on Britain's favourite item of polite conversation, but it is just plain awful. And I hear other parts of the country are getting snow.

Quite a contrast to Sunday when I was down on the allotment in the sun. Anyway, a brief roundup from the last few days.

Firstly, for all you Parliamentary Candidates out there, I have written and produced the pre-conference edition of Parliamentary Campaigner. It should be in your inboxes shortly. The final revision to it was done this evening.

Secondly, having built the fruitcage last week down on the allotment, I had a merry time on Friday planting raspberries. Cowley St is expecting a big increase to the jam supply this summer. The jam addicts need their fix! And just to set the pulse of the new communications media racing, I have posted onto YouTube the video of building our greenhouse and fruitcage. But just as you thought it was safe to come out, I'm working on my next allotment oscar winning blockbuster, "Winter on the allotment". Watch out for the shocking scenes of the arrival of 5 tonnes of manure! I made the mistake of letting a colleague have a photo of me shovelling the stuff. He said he wanted to use it in a training session on how to take good photos. I suspect it will be used in other ways, probably with interesting captions added!

And finally, I have been creating police officers (cardboard ones)! It's for a photo op at conference this weekend with Chris Huhne. I needed to come up with an idea for the event and it had to have a crime and policing angle to it. So watch this space. Tomorrow I have to create a giant cheque, a poster about increased spending on schools and a giant version of the small business survey, all for the other photo ops I am running. Should be fun!
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