Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in London

Having smelt the stench of fear on Labour in Gateshead yesterday, today I am giving them relief from their trauma. They can save their running-round-like-leaderless-headless-chickens performance for another day. Today I am in London. I came down last night to sort a few things in the flat before going to Bournemouth for Conference on Saturday.

I need to be at the Marriott Hotel by midday for the arrival of Nick Clegg. It's my first photo duty of Conference. Then I will be on the beach. Alas, this is not to go sunbathing. It is for a photo op we are running about flooding in the North East. And a candidate wants his photo taken there in jogging gear at the same time!

Any other candidates wanting specific photos taken can catch up with me at Bournemouth but be quick, my diary is nearly full.

Meanwhile, I am off to pick sweet chestnuts (as part of my self-sufficiency drive). There are a load of trees here which are ready for picking.
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