Monday, September 28, 2009

Vote no-change for change

I am currently watching Peter Mandelson giving his speech to the Labour Conference. I am on record as liking Peter Mandelson. His skills have to be admired. He turned Labour from the unelectable bunch of dinosaurs into a great election winning machine (a quality Labour now appears to have lost). Anyone who could achieve that must have impressive skills.

He is also something of a comeback kid. Twice resigned from the cabinet but back for a third time. The question is, can he give Labour the comeback it needs. That may be the mission impossible for Mandy. His argument in his speech is that Labour at the election needs to pose as the party of change. Vote for no change if you want change. That seems to be his message. I really can't see that working.

Nevertheless the attacks on the shallow Conservatives were good stuff. It is likely to be a sign of what will be kicked about at the general election. And as I keep pointing out, whilst I think Labour will go down to defeat, the outcome of a majority Cameron government is not a certainty.
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