Monday, September 21, 2009

Photos galore

Day three at conference and the customers have been rolling through the photo ops. Today the queues were long for Simon Hughes with carbon footprints and the Guardian's 10:10 logo. The 2nd photo op today was with Tim Farron about fair trade and the lack of fair trade for British farmers from supermarket chains. That required an early morning trip to Tescos to buy some props for the event. Alas, all Bournemouth Tescos could offer was one brand of fair trade tea and one of coffee. Seems as though this town is not massive on fair trade - or possibly its only a gimmick for Tesco.

We did a Nick Clegg session with candidates this afternoon. However, this was invite only for key seat candidates - which meant Neil Bradbury from Blaydon was there as well. The really busy one will be on Wednesday. We have an open invite to conference members to have their pic taken with Vince Cable. We are expecting queues - long ones.
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kevin scott said...

Quite a good speech by Tim Farron.

He has improved since his time at Newcastle University when he would use the word 'radical' fifteen times in every sentence!