Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Conference is now over

3500 photos and 4 hours of video: Conference is now over and I am on the train heading back to London. A successful gathering and Nick spoke well this afternoon. Such a contrast to Brown. Labour as we know are now leaderless at so many different levels of their party. It will be interesting therefore to see how they cope next week with their own gathering.

I'm staying in London for a few days to sort out the garden. There is likely to be a trip to Cowley St in the next couple of days as well. I don't fancy uploading to YouTube and Flickr all the video and photos via the dongle on my laptop. I've asked the powers that be and I can do that instead from one of the PCs in HQ.

Tonight however is pub quiz night. Since most of the people on my team are Labour members, I'll not mention politics.

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