Sunday, September 06, 2009

Video newsletter from conference

With Conference now on the horizon, I am putting together the pre-Conference edition of Parliamentary Campaigner. Lib Dem candidates should receive it within a few days. I have included some ideas on the innovations page about how to communicate with people back in the constituency whilst in Bournemouth.

One of the ideas I am suggesting is a daily email newsletter to local members. But that brings me on to another idea I am hoping to test out which is to do a daily video newsletter which I will send to people on my regional email list. Producing this assumes a number of things: that I can work out how to use the new high powered, all-singing-all-dancing laptop I have just got with video editing facilities; that this wonderful new laptop will give me internet access (it is being rather temperamental at the moment but I think it's just the signal strength around here - hopefully there will be a wifi connection at Conference); and finally that I actually have the time to film and edit it all.

The videos will go onto YouTube and then onto this blog. Now that I have a Partner account with YouTube, I can put bigger videos up. So, all very experimental, but watch this space. It may work wonderfully, or is may be a complete failure. Trying it out however will be fun.

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