Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blood on the walls or weary resignation?

The questioning of Gordon Brown this morning about his health by Andrew Marr was unreasonably direct. A bunch of disorganized anti-Brown malcontent Labour moaners twitter away to the press about excuses for Brown to go and the media jumps in feet first. Brown's health is not an issue. His competence to be prime minister is the issue. The intrusion into his health was inappropriate and unreasonable.

Nevertheless, as the gathering of Labour's great and the good (and the not so good, the useless and the malcontents) takes place in Brighton, the question has to be asked: is this a blood on the walls conference or one dominated by defeatist resignation. My guess is that whilst Brown will come out fighting against the Tories with claims of a rosey future and a fantastically strong economy that is leading the world to amazing prosperity unlike anything ever seen before, most Labour people know the reality on the ground is that their chances of a Labour 4th term with a majority is one in a million. I am of course being nice. Many in Labour are looking at the next election as a choice between unmitigated disaster and the slightly better appalling losses.

There will be no blood on the walls in Brighton. Labour don't have the stomach for regicide. They are stuck with a person who cannot lead, inspire or deal with the difficulties faced by his party. Now they must accept the consequences of their own decision to put Brown at the helm. Some more charitable people would say "Good luck" to them.

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