Friday, September 25, 2009

Still processing those conference photos

I have nearly 4000 photos and 3 hours of video from conference which I spent yesterday processing. The job is not yet finished but some of the member photos with MPs are now on my Flickr site and the rest will go up today. I have had a string of emails from members eager to get their pics asap. If you are one of those people, they should be on Flickr by this afternoon. Check

Also started is the editing of my conference videos but that job is secondary to sorting the photos. I'll be posting them onto YouTube and this blog when they are done.

I am on my way to Cowley St now to do more sorting, editing and uploading. I won't be back home to Gateshead til Monday. Meanwhile I went to the theatre last night. It was the smallest theatre I have been in, Shepherds Bush. I saw a play called 2nd May 1997, set in the hours immediately after the general election. It followed a Conservative MP and his wife preparing to go to the count knowing he had lost and worried about being seen as a failure, a Lib Dem activist who ended up taking a girl back to his home after an election party but she turned out to be drunk and then discovered she had got off with the wrong guy, and two gay Labour students, one of whom was from a wealthy household who was unconsciously patronising towards the other who was his best friend (who was also 'working class') but the richer one wasn't prepared to give his friend what he wanted. It was an interesting satire of politics as it is nowadays.

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Rankersbo said...

Can I use any of your photos to illustrate our MPs on wikipedia?

In particular is it OK if I trim them for this purpose?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Yes, use and trim as long as they are simply to support factual entries about the MPs in question.

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Hi Jonathan,

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