Thursday, November 14, 2019

Candidate round up

So, the nominations have closed. And in Blaydon, yet again, there has been an increase in the number of candidates. This time local voters will have a choice of 8. Liz Twist is defending for Labour (she was first elected in 2017) and challenging her from the other two main parties are Vicky Anderson (Lib Dem) and  Conservative Adrian Pepper (all the way from the City of London and Westminster constituency - hopefully someone gave him a map of where we are). There is also a Green and a Brexiter. Minor candidates are a "Liberal", "Space Navies" and a 5G conspiracy theorist.

Meanwhile, in Gateshead constituency, the Brexit candidate has withdrawn his nomination. In Jarrow the "SDP" are standing. Meanwhile, the Brexit candidate for Tynemouth lives in Australia. I hope he gets back in time for the count!

The good news is that the election is only 4 weeks away. Think of all those lovely dark nights, cold weather and rain!

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