Friday, November 01, 2019

Trick or treat

Delivering in Sunniside Oct 19

I delivered more of our tabloids, this time in Sunniside, yesterday morning. I then spent the afternoon working on the small holding and returned home in the early evening to deliver yet more tabloids. It was, of course, 31st October. Halloween.

Halloween lanterns Oct 19

Perhaps I should have got dressed up for the occasion though plenty of people are used to seeing me dressed in scruffy old clothes looking like I've just crawled out of the dark latrine. Fashion and clothes buying aren't part of my sustainable lifestyle! Inevitably, at a number of doors I found myself surrounded by kids and parents doing trick or treat while I tried to hand over a copy of our tabloid. Fortunately those opening their doors to trick or treaters also recognised me! They insisted I take a bag of sweets!

Tangtastics Oct 19

My favourite was the bag of tangtastics!

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