Thursday, September 28, 2006

Actually we've just wiped the smile off the BNP's face

The BNP were there in force at the Dunston and Teams by-election count in Gateshead Civic Centre to witness their great victory. They even had a photographer. In the event, they put the camera away. Labour held on with the same share of the vote as in May - 54 percent. That was a record low. And we kept our 2nd position, improving by 4 percent. The Conservative came 4th, a drop of 3 percent,

So my fears about a BNP success were not founded. They started off noisey and happy at the count. They then got quieter. The smile had been wiped of their faces.

And think about the poor Conservatives. 6 percent. Ahhhh.

So it's goodnight from me........

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Liberal Legend said...


Glad to see that the BNP have been sent away with their tail between their legs again.

peter said...

They do irony, though. They got walloped at a Scarboro byelection and opened champagne at the count.

Chris Black said...

Well done.