Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogger and tax videos

I've produced a video of each of the speakers at the Blogger of the Year awards. They are now on Youtube if you want to view them.

Lynne Featherstone: Lynne Featherstone at Blogger of the Year Award September 2006
Stephen Tall: Stephen Tall at Blogger of the Year Award September 2006
Alex Wilcox: Alex Wilcox at Blogger of the Year Award September 2006
Mark Pack: Mark Pack at Blogger of the Year Award September 2006

It will probably not come as a surprise that Alex's was by far the longest!

And finally, will you all care to visit the tax policy video on Youtube? I filmed the Newcastle bits (and wrote the scripts) but Martin Tod did the editing. I emailed the link before conference to nearly 500 members in the North East. However, a Labour hack has posted up anti-Lib Dem comments on it so we could do with a few pro Lib Dem ones.

You can visit it at:

The video is at: Green Tax Switch Newcastle video


Liberal Neil said...

Be fair. That is pretty concise by Alex's usual standards. And pretty much on the point.

I thought Dr pack's comments were very interesting - showing how blogging has already had a clear impact within the party.

Rob F said...

What becomes apparent quite quickly is that whereas the speakers had thought in advance what they were going to say... I had opted to rely on my natural quick wit and intelligence.

Oh dear.

Alex Wilcock said...

Bless you, Jonathan - and viewers will discover your subtle hilarity in misspelling my name ;-)

As I have just steam-powered dial-up, would it be possible for you to pop the four (four? What happened to poor Russell?) speeches on a DVD for me, if I asked nicely?

The Cat said...

typo: it's Mark "Pax", isn't it? ;o)

Jonathan Wallace said...


Seeing as you asked nicely and as I also spelt your name incorrectly, I will put them on to a dvd for you.

Poor Russell's speech didn't get included. But he gets the most coverage as he is standing there in the background of all of them!

Email me your home address.