Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Online sauna

I am currently sitting in the Lib Dems On Line meeting in the Metropole. It is being held in a room hidden in the bowels of the building. The signs to it peter out on the ground floor. So you get a prize if you manage to find the room. This is my first on line sauna, over 100 people packed into a rather small room. We could do with an on line ice room or have a virtual cold beer emailed to me.

Anyway, Martin Todd is talking at the moment about what he learnt on his visit to the USA and Canada in the summer with Mark Pack and Ed Davey. Some useful stuff here on databases and targetting with literature. Blogging is an increasing part of the system for getting information out to people.

Martin's on to video now, my area of interest. Cost of putting video on the internet has gone through the floor - don't I know it! He's saying we have to experiment more with it.

Ed Davey just arrived to give his talk - we need to revisit community politics as a bedrock. Perhaps community politics has been forgotten a bit in recent years.

Questions now and I've just made the point of using a national database to store emails. I used the example of my email newsletters in Gateshead to show how a regular communication by email to a large number of people - nationally it would be millions - could be a powerful weapon for us. With nearly 1000 addresses in Blaydon constituency we reach out to far more than double that as people forward it on to others. The response of the panel is - please write up what I do as a case study. Well, I was planning to do so but I think I'll have to bring forward my planned completion date!

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