Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Looking ahead to Bournemouth

Take pity on me. Please. On 1st October I will be heading to Bournemouth for the annual jamboree gathering of the Cameroonie Conservatives. I will be there in the capacity of observer. Watch out for some blog entries direct from the lion's den.

I need help with fitting in at the Tory conference. I could do with:

1)an old school tie (somehow my Whickham Comprehensive tie may get spotted)

2)a blazer (preferably one with some kind of military badge on the pocket)

3)a blue rinse

4)a pension book

5)an account with a stockbroker

6)a Lexus to carry my conference papers

If anyone can help with these, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Brighton, the smiles are on the enlarged side. The press cuttings were put through my door in the Metropole in the early hours and the coverage is pretty good from the tax debate yesterday.

So all the work put into getting them through conference has paid off. But imagine the headlines if the debate had gone the other way. Not a pleasant thought......

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