Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At the Copacabana

For Lib Dems who are into producing video newsletters, I have some depressing news. Politics, it seems, is not as interesting as travel to exotic places!

On my YouTube channel ( there is a number of my Video Focuses all about local news issues. The August edition has had 170 viewings. But this is nothing compared to my travel videos on the same channel.

Somehow my Copacabana beach video I shot in Rio de Janiero last year is soaring ahead with 400 viewings, comfortably beating my Havana video on 300.

"View from Petronas Towers" I put up a couple of weeks ago and The Egyptian Pyramids are doing well and will soon be overtaking "Parking Charges introduced in Gateshead" video in number of viewings! As for my "Roadworks in Sunniside" news report, it's barely noticed on 110 viewings!

My next video will be a gripping saga about the cutbacks in bus services in my ward. This must-see video will hopefully be ready before the end of the month.

Anyone wanting a starring role in my conference video masterpiece should catch up with me, preferably in the Metropole bar next week.

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