Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jam today (but not tomorrow)

A story about my jam making enterprise has broken in Lib Dem News. Actually I wrote the original piece 3 weeks ago but it got put back due to the need to cover some more serious issues! Nevertheless, there are times when I turn my house into a mock WI kitchen with vast amounts of jam being made. And it's all in a good cause. At £2 a jar, we are hoping to make a modest sum for party funds. And so at the Blaydon constituency meeting this morning, jam sales have made local funds £18 better off.

But the jam addicts of Cowley St will have to go without for a week or so. I'm not due into HQ til Thursday as tomorrow I go to Bournemouth straight from Gateshead to go to the Dave-my-poll-ratings-are-slipping Cameron's seaside bash. The fridge in the Cowley St kitchen will shortly be devoid of jam. Life is clearly tough at the centre!

Someone from the BNP has been reading my blog and posted up a comment following the by-election on Thursday in Gateshead when they failed to live up to their own expectation!

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