Friday, September 22, 2006

And it's goodbye to Mike

Mike Zorbas has been a key played in the media strategy of the party for nearly 2 years. Alas, he is returning to Australia this Sunday. He will be greatly missed. I've just come from his leaving do in Westminster though I had to leave early to catch the 9pm train out of Kings Cross to Newcastle (I'm on the train now).

I get into Newcastle at around 1am but then have to go straight over to the Blaydon constituency office to print one side of a leaflet for the Dunston and Teams by-election. We need it for 10am tomorrow morning (Saturday). I wrote it today and emailed it to home in Gateshead but Alan and Marilynn Ord, my two ward colleagues can't print tonight. So on the phone this afternoon I suggested I print one side tonight after getting off the train. Alan and Marilynn will print the other side first thing tomorrow morning ready for the delivery team to meet up at 10am.

Oh the joy of risographs! They have revolutionised the production of literature and screwed up my sleep patterns in the process. I'm still running on conference adrenalin at the moment and I'll need it to get through the next couple of weeks.

Talking about the byelection, Labour still seem to be running a low key campaign. The BNP are throwing an awful lot at this contest. We had a letter delivered to the 1200 postal voters last weekend (alas I missed the delivery due to my having to be in conference) so we should get a boost from that. It appears no pv target letter was produced by the other parties though they had general literature. We have picked up from the Labour party that they are aiming to get their general literature out now to coincide with the PVs. They're leaving it a bit late given the PVs have been out for a week now.

Anyway, the buffet trolley has just arrived and I am gasping for a cup of tea. At one pound 20p it is a heck of a lot cheaper than the G and T I bought in the bar where Mike's do was held. I don't think I've paid so much for one drink before - and it wasn't even for me!
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