Friday, September 29, 2006

The latest scores in the Blogger Video Race

The latest viewing figures for the "My Blogger of the Year Video got played more than yours" competition can be exclusively revealed.

Here they are:

Thrusting ahead, Robert Fenwick's flirting friend Stephen Tall on an interesting 69
In 2nd place but eagerly awaiting a copy of the video from me on dvd is Alex Wilcox on 56
Making his mark in 3rd place is Mark Pack on 46
Bringing up the rear Lynne Featherstone MP 28.

But Copacabana Beach has opened up a commanding lead on 502 viewings.

Just in case a certain colleague of mine accuses me again of shamelessly trying to boost my viewing figures on my Youtube channel, let me just say that such an accusation is outrageous and absolutely, errr, ermmm, sort of true.

So enjoy Pyramids and the Sphinx which I posted up earlier this month.


Will said...

Mr Fenwick is a Robin rather than a Robert :-)

Rob F said...

Beat me to it, William!


PS - you are a William, aren't you?

Will said...

I am, but we don't use it, thank you. It's not part of the brand. :-)

Jonathan Wallace said...

If you people insist on shortening your name then I'm bound to make mistakes.