Monday, May 07, 2007

A day trip to Rotherham

Things just can't get better than this! A day trip to Rotherham! Actually a trip to the new home of David's sister Jill and her husband Colin who moved from Cambridge on Friday to this gritty Yorkshire town! Colin's job has just changed, hence the move. David and I drove down today to visit them. It's only a couple of hours in the car.

Anyone who read my recent blog posting on making nettle soup will know I am expanding my interest in wild food cookery. The flan pictured here is one of 3 made yesterday using nettles and wild garlic. It will be inflicted on Cowley St tomorrow. Colleagues will act as the guinea pigs for such experiments.

The other pic is of David's mother, me relaxing and Jill at the new house this afternoon.

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