Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lib Dems make more gains than the Conservatives

I finished an analysis of the local elections in the North East last night for the regional newsletter I edit for Lib Dems (called North East Democrat). We easily out-performed the Lib Dems in the rest of the country making net gains of 29 seats. The Conservatives had a net gain of 18 (but they had far less to lose!)

In terms of seats won, Lib Dems strengthened their position as the 2nd party in the region. On the 23 authorities where elections were held, the seats won by each party are:

Labour - 562 (-48)
Lib Dem - 253 (+29)
Conservatives - 171 (+18)
Others - 161 (+11)

There is only one council without Lib Dem representation - Teesdale (run by the Independents). However, there are 7 Conservative free zones where Cameron's party has no seats at all: Newcastle, Gateshead, Wansbeck, Wear Valley, Durham City, Derwentside and Easington.

Some useful highlights from the region include:

Lib Dems become largest party on Berwick

Conservatives fail to make any gains on top target of North Tyneside

Yet again, Labour in Newcastle are in search of a new Leader after their current one lost his seat to the Lib Dems

The Conservative leader on Tynedale lost his seat to the Lib Dems

Constituencies where we topped the poll include Berwick, Newcastle North, Newcastle East, Blaydon and Durham City.


George Dutton said...
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George Dutton said...

"Lib Dems become largest party on Berwick"

That is REALLY good news.

What a mess Berwick is in. I know that Alan Beith Liberal Democrat MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed has fought so hard and been knock down that many times by NEW Labour/Tories to try and sort out the problems there. I just wish other people elsewhere would follow the good sense off the people of Berwick-upon-Tweed. We might also get ALL off the A1 upgraded between Newcastle and Edinburgh that the Lib Dems have been asking/fighting for over the YEARS that has caused the death and injuries of so many over many years and Old/NEW Labour/Tories couldn`t careless about, say`s it all really.