Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Worn out and cringe-makingly embarrassing

I am currently watching PMQs. Blair is away in Washington sucking up to Bush so Prescott is the stand in. For the benefit of the nation, thank goodness Prescott is retiring. An appalling performance from a worn out politician. His attempts to pepper all his replies with jokes was cringe-making. They fell flat everytime. And the worn out over spun messages convinced no one. Prescott used to have entertainment value. He now doesn't even have that.


Joe Taylor said...

I read the transcript of his exchange with Cable just now and found myself having to utter out loud the words "what a tosser!"

Responding to a serious question from Vince about our future housing policy with a crack about his age is frankly unbecoming of one of the great offices of State. Thankfully he'll be on his bike in six weeks' time.

As a bit of a tangent, I think in general it's sad that ageist remarks like that have become such a prominent feature of our politics. I don't recall anyone telling young Winston that he was too old to lead the country!

I'd be half-tempted to report Prescott to the Standards Board, but for all the good it would do...

Tom Papworth said...

I actually couldn't bear the Weekly Yah-boo today.

Over the past year I've been able to see it in full quite a lot, and it is pretty bad every time. It bears no resemblance to real debate at all.

However, today was just painful. Hague was withering and Vince was serious, and in response to both Prescott was a clown. Yet none of it will make a jot of difference to policy or to politics.

I'm beginnig to wonder what real value there is in PMQs.

George Dutton said...

John Prescott the great socialist who in the end was only in politics for himself and of course the money.
What an aggressive, arrogant, nasty piece of work he turned out to be.