Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My first video to reach 10,000 viewings

A minor milestone in my quest to conquer to world with my videos has now been reached. One of my videos has now had 10,000 viewings. It's not quite the best of political knockabout stuff though. In fact, there are no politics in it whatsoever. No, my most viewed video continues to be the one I shot on Copacabbana beach in December 2005. If you are really interested you can view it here: Copacabbana Beach

The video I shot in a former secret Soviet submarine base in the Ukraine in October last year has had a sudden surge of interest with over 2000 viewings this month. You can view it on this link: Crimea Submarine Base. At 5800 viewings however it still has some way to go to catch up with Copacabbana.

My most viewed political video is one I shot at Brighton conference last year of Michael Moore MP speaking to the LDEG meeting. It has been viewed 1570 times. I’m not sure if the similarity of the name with an American left wing film maker may have boosted the ratings! The link is: Michael Moore

The most viewed local news video I have produced is one about opencast mining proposals for my council ward in Gateshead, with 1100 viewings. These are much more likely to be constituents looking at this video so I am reasonably pleased with the total. The link is: Opencast

And of course, the video Labour tried to have banned (filmed at an election declaration in Gateshead in a ward where their candidate clocked up a very poor result) is still there to be viewed: election result

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