Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm not going to be censored by Labour

I had a rather amusing set of incidents yesterday regarding the video I shot of the declaration of the result of the election earlier this month for the Dunston Hill and Whickham East ward in Gateshead. The video went up onto YouTube and I also included a link to it in an email bulletin to over 1500 constituents as well.

Yesterday lunchtime I was in Gateshead Civic Centre to meet managers of Go Ahead Bus Company to discuss bus services. My colleague Peter Maughan, who represents Dunston Hill and Whickham East (though he was not up for election this year) arrived late, having been delayed by an encounter with a Labour activist whilst coming into the Civic Centre.

To save the blushes of the Labour activist concerned, I won't name him! However, according to Peter, he claimed with great glee that I was "in big trouble" because of my video, and that major complaints had been submitted to the Council demanding I be ordered to take down the video from my blog! He alleged I was not allowed to film the video in the first place.

It seems that the activist was not aware that I had asked for permission from one of the most senior officers of the council to video the declaration. The permission had been granted before the camera was brought out. This rather cut the ground from underneath the complaint which itself has now been binned!

This entire saga caused a great degree of amusement at the end of the meeting when I told everyone about it!

But it doesn't end there. At the mayor's reception last night, the same Labour activist came right over to me with a great urge to tell me I was "in trouble" because of my video. Oh dear, he wasn't aware that his complaint had collapsed! I was able to wipe the smile off his face by helpfully explaining to him that I had permission to shoot the video and that it was staying up on my blog!

He walked off muttering something about my "pushing my luck".

So if you haven't seen the video yet, here it is: Dunston Hill and Whickham East declaration. The ward itself was a top target for Labour. They threw everything and the kitchen sink into the contest and saw the Lib Dem majority nearly double.


George Dutton said...

I don`t understand your post Jonathan?. It is your RIGHT and my RIGHT to video the event without asking anyone for permission. It`s called our democratic right to show the election result off the people we have voted for.

"To save the blushes of the Labour activist concerned, I won't name him!"

I know his name it`s IDIOT.

George Dutton said...

Reading you post Jonathan reminds me wasn`t there a case of a Labour councillor violently assaulting a Lib Dem councillor in Gateshead council building some years ago?.

George Dutton said...

NEW Labour...

George Dutton said...

It`s all getting worse for NEW Labour...

"Choosing between Blair and Brown is like choosing between Saddam and Uday ... They're as bad as each other"

George Dutton said...

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