Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tales from the campaign trail no 6: beware BNP masquerading as "Christians"

The BNP are hoping to pick up a seat in Gateshead in the local elections. Their top target is Dunston and Teams ward. On Saturday, I was handed a leaflet delivered apparently commercially with some takeaway restaurant flyers to houses in the ward, which purported to come from "The Christian Taxpayer's Revolt" based in Welshpool.

The leaflet uses BNP artwork (the now familiar Libby logo made up of condoms and needles) and repeats allegations against some named Lib Dems which have been well used by the BNP in leaflets throughout the country.

It then goes on to make wild allegations about the Lib Dems. It concludes with a claim that the leaflet was distributed by "Christian neighbours".

Having tried to disguise their activities as those of "Christians", the BNP were then seen delivering the leaflet across the border in Lobley Hill and Bensham ward (our top target), which sort of undermines the pretense that it was produced by a group independent of any political party.

No doubt someone will check the BNP election expenses returns to ensure the costs are declared.


Joe Otten said...

If it doesn't bear an imprint they are breaking the law.

annoyed taxpayer said...

That's a bit rich Mr. Wallace. The Lib-Lab-Con alliance have been putting out defamatory literature about the BNP for years, usually under the guise of UAF, Searchlight etc. and have never declared those on their expenses. It could be worse though, the BNP could go out "masquerading as Muslims".