Thursday, May 17, 2007

Labour's defeated candidates' jamboree

Tomorrow is the annual meeting of Gateshead Council. For that reason I am on a train now heading to Newcastle. It will be followed in the evening by the Mayor's Reception. Mayors in Gateshead have always been Labour, and if recent practice is anything to go by, the Mayor is a Labour Councillor who has only been on the council for a short time.

We play a game at the Mayor's reception. It's called "Spot the defeated Labour candidate". 20 years ago, this was quite a challenging game, but as Labour have lost more seats over the years, it has become less of a challenge to spot Labour losers. Just why so many failed Labour candidates in the past got an invite to this event to be wined and dined is, well how could I put it - perhaps it's best to say that the reason so many are there each year is beyond me!

Perhaps a defeated Labour member who is a regular reader of this blog would like to explain why he or she gets an invite to this event.

Talking of failed Labour candidates, it seems plenty of people have enjoyed the video I posted up of the declaration of the Dunston Hill and Whickham East election result. A most enjoyable minute of video extravaganza in which the Labour candidate crashed to a spectacular defeat. Well worth watching again....and again....and again!

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George Dutton said...

"It will be followed in the evening by the Mayor's Reception."

Who is paying for that?.

"less of a challenge to spot Labour losers."

Under Old/NEW Labour we are the LOSERS Jonathan and continue to be so.