Friday, October 03, 2008

Back to the Future with Doc Brown and his time machine

Blink and you would have missed the reshuffle. Indeed, reshuffle is much too strong a word for it. Tinkering at the edge would be a better description. But what's this? Peter Mandelson makes a return! What a turnabout for both Brown and Mandy. Both I suspect have had to endure a large feast of humble pie. It will be interesting to see whether Mandy is Once, Twice, Three Times a Quitter.

But I am reminded of one of my favourite films, "Back to the Future" in which another Doc Brown invents a time machine ("You converted a de Lorien into a time machine!?") Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time to the day his parents first meet and Doc Brown first thinks up the Time Flux Capacitor. Marty unfortunately changes the course of history and Doc Brown is tasked with getting Marty back to the future, but only after they have restored history by getting his parents together so that ultimately Marty himself can come into existence. When he gets back to the future, he discovers a better world as a result of the chain of events he had caused by going back in time.

So now we have Doc Gordon Brown going back to the future by drawing Peter Mandelson into the government. Perhaps they are looking to correct the mistakes of the past and make the future a better place. Or perhaps Brown has run out of options, seen how talentless his cabinet is, as they have been dominated by the Blair-Brown axis for too long. Perhaps he has to pull in talent that was long since cast away. I do actually believe that Mandelson is a talented guy. I don't believe he is the solution to Labour's problems as I think they go much deeper than anything a few face changes can bring about.

I notice another of the walking dead is back as well: Margaret Beckett. She held the office of Foreign Secretary whilst Tony Blair exercised the powers of the Foreign Secretary. I wonder how Labour members feel about the return from the graveyard of a minister who stood by as her boss sucked up to a right wing American president.

So a case of back to the future with Gordon Brown. We wait to see whether the future is better now that the walking dead are back on board.

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