Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The joy of North Eastern delicacies

I went to one of the Parliamentary cafes last week with colleagues and one of them tried a smal bit of peas pudding. She wrinkled her nose up after trying a small amount. She had not tried peas pudding before and found it so unpleasant that she decided to leave it. Not wanting to see it wasted, I offered to eat it. I instantly discovered why she couldn't eat any more. It was vile.

This great Northern delicacy was clearly not made in the way it should be. I couldn't finish it either but I did offer to bring down the real thing from Gateshead. So on Monday, I brought 2 tubs of proper peas pudding to Cowley St. There are some in the office who aren't able to eat ham products for religious reasons or simply because they don't like them. But others tried the peas pudding and it seemed to go down well.

The problem comes in November. There is to be a week of Northern food in the cafeteria in Millbank. Let's hope that the food to be served then beats the peas pudding conjured up last week!

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