Monday, October 06, 2008

Junk food supporting MP and her sugar coated u-turn

Sharon Hodgson, soon to be the former Labour MP for Gateshead East and Washington West (she was dumped by her local members in favour of an older man for the new Gateshead constituency) is on yet another food mission. Last week, it was reported that she had visited an establisment that promotes healthy eating. On the trip, which she found "truly inspiring", she heard from some "who are discovering the high quantities of fat, sugar and salt in some fast foods."

All this is in rather marked contrast to the early day motion she sponsored not that long ago which attacked what she saw as the high cost of sweets, junk food, pop corn, cola, ice cream and so on sold in some establishments (in this instance cinemas). Demands were made for cheaper food, drinks and sweets, all of which appear to be packed full of fats, sugar or salt.

Has sugary Sharon made a u-turn? Or is she trying to have her cake and eat it!?

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kevin scott said...

Does anyone else think she should practice what she preaches?

She is a big girl, after all!

Kevin Dodds said...

A big enough girl to realise hypocrisy ? Perhaps not.