Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Labour MP - bad times under the Tories were due to the Tory government, bad times under Labour are not Labour's fault

Labour MP for Blaydon, David (call me "Dave") Anderson made an intervention in the opposition day debate on unemployment yesterday. In it, he claimed that the bad times under the last Tory government "was the direct result of Government policy, whereas what is happening today is outside the Government's control."

I'm not sure whether Mr Anderson is being hypocritical, admitting his own government is useless or a combination of both.

Quite what Mr Anderson is thinking of the current crisis (other than blaming others for his own government's inadequacies and failures) would be interesting to know. Last year he was vociferous in his attacks on the Lib Dems for wanting to nationalise Northern Rock (a measure he then went on to support). Does he feel that putting public money into the banking system is a bad idea (as he suggested last year), a good idea (as he suggested in February this year) or is it all completely out of his government's control (as he suggests now)?

But it is now possible to see how the likes of Mr Anderson will fight for their political survival - blame everyone else except themselves.

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