Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can't believe what Geoff Hoon just said

I have just been watching Question Time. I thought Geoff Hoon had been performing reasonably even though I didn't necessarily agree with all that he said. But he has just accused Julia Goldsworthy of supporting a "license to murder" because she did not support the appalling plan of the government to keep a record of every email and mobile message every person has made or website visited.

Whatever people think of the government's plan, the accusation of being in favour of murder if you are not in favour of the government is unworthy of a Parliamentarian. He should apologise, or resign.

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Anonymous said...

Could'nt agree with you more Jonathan, but I have to say, Julia Goldsworthy was helplessly poor on question time last night.

Julie Nicholson

Andrea Cave said...

I was disappointed with Julia as well, but not as disappointed as I was with Clare Short. I expected plenty of smack, bang, wallop from her against Geoff Hoon and the Labour Government but there was none of it. The old saying is ever so true - "A LEOPARD NEVER CHANGES IT'S SPOTS" !!!

Andrea Cave said...

As for what Geoff Hoon said to Julia Goldsworthy, I can only describe him as a distasteful and dispicable twit. Julia should take that further.