Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not yet on the pad ready to launch

My plan this evening was to email out the final batch of photos taken at conference, sort and upload to the party's Flickr site the photos taken on Monday with the Gurkhas and Joanna Lumley (outside Parliament), send a few off to the MPs who attended and then complete the North East Democrat, the regional email newsletter I produce. Inevitably, the list was not completed. I didn't get to touch the NED. So it is partially complete and not yet sitting on the pad ready to launch. It needs to be out by Friday.

I left the office at 8.15pm as I am under a three line whip to be at the pub quiz at the local hostelry. Two weeks ago we won, last week we came second. Whether or not we can hold our gains is about as predictable as the stock market which today had its biggest fall on record. And of course, the real economy is now cooling rapidly. Unemployment is rising rapidly. Inflation is at its highest for years. Brown said he had ended boom and bust. He was at least half right. He has certainly ended boom.

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