Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tories blame Labour for Tory policy failure

Those who know me know I am not a great defender of the Labour party but the following caught my eye and really made me giggle. The Tories have backed plans for a high speed rail network. (I will believe it when I see it - the creation of a new high speed rail network under a Tory government.) However the proposed network only goes as far as Leeds and this is causing some problems for the Tories in the North East. Their response to their own failure to include the North East in their proposed rail network is to blame Labour!

When questioned by The Journal about the inadequacy of the Tory plans, candidate for Berwick, Anne-Marie Trevelyan replied that, "It's clear that the North East's strong Labour position means there has not been a loud enough Conservative voice to be heard at the highest level."

So there we have it, the Labour party in the North East prevents the North East Tories being heard in the Tory party. Blame Labour for your own incompetence - the Tories' new slogan.

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Anonymous said...

On , a comment suggests she may get elected once the highly regarded Sir Alan Beith retires along with his high personal vote.

With comments like that in the Journal, she won't get anywhere near being elected !

Well done Jonathan. I only hope the Berwick Libdems are exposing her every step of the way.

Alan Evans