Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our new super dooper printing machine

Our new riso printer has arrived in our office in Blaydon constituency. And today we have a bit of training with the man from the company that provided the machine. The print room in our office is not large, as you can see in the photo above, but 10 of us squeezed in to have our first lesson on how to use the machine. Since most of us used the old machine, we were already well grounded in what to do.

This super dooper new machine prints two colours at the same time. So I'm adding a spot colour to everything I am now writing! I wrote the members' newsletter through the week and we ran that as our first test of the machine. That's what's churning off the machine in the photo which was taken by my ward colleague John McClurey.

We're both back in the office tomorrow doing our first Focus on the machine. Life doesn't get more exciting than this!

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Anonymous said...

Get printing there. I haven't had a focus in ages.
John Curry