Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another morning talking to constituents about the Coalition

My ward colleagues, John McClurey and Marilynn Ord, and I were out again this morning talking to residents about the Coalition Government. It is the first time for three weeks that we have been out door knocking as other things have cropped up in the meantime (mainly trips to London to take photos of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at various Lib Dem gatherings).

The response again was good. Out of 150 doors knocked on, only three were hostile to the Coalition. When questioned further, these three turned out to be hard Labour supporters. One however was interesting. He was a former Labour member who had helped in the early Blair years but was now hostile to Labour, indeed all politicians except, interestingly, he likes us as local councillors.

Approval for the coalition remains strong. People continue to like the new politics of cooperation. There is also an understanding that the public finances are in a mess and that we will all have to go through some pain to clear them up.

I am getting close to publishing the first figures from the survey. Watch this space.

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