Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Food Standards Agency is still on the menu

I got an email from my colleague Cllr Frank Hindle telling me that at Gateshead's Cabinet this morning, Labour were claiming that the Food Standards Agency had been abolished. Frank is keen to point out that this is nonsense. The FSA is not being abolished. Frank has kindly done a bit of digging to reveal the true situation and I thought that I would help educate all those Labour councillors who read my blog (but always deny doing so even when they quote back at me what is written in it) on what is actually happening.

The FSA is being retained but will be refocused on food safety. Nutritional labelling will be handled by the Department for Health. DEFRA will deal with country of origin labelling.

If any Labour councillor would like any further accurate information on say, the level of debt Labour left the nation, the level of joblessness they left us or the honest facts about the capital budget they agreed to slash by two thirds, please let me know! I'll be happy to publish them.
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Anonymous said...

hi, could you publish the latest yougov data showing the Lib Dem slump since May, and how this lines up against your own 'survey'?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Dear local Labour member cowardly hiding behind a wall of anonymity,

No I can't publish them as I don't have the figures and haven't seen them. And given the election won't be til 2015, asking people now how they intend voting in 5 years' time has distinctly limited value.

However, I am pleased to be able to give you the figures on how people currently rate politicians. This is from Politicshome. Notice the rather poor ratings for Labour. Seems the Balls household are trying to outdo each other in unpopularity.

"In a nationwide survey, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg enjoys a clear popularity gap ahead of the Prime Minister, holding an approval rating of 17, compared to the David Cameron's rating of 11.

"While 40% of the public approve of Mr Cable, 16% disapprove, giving the Liberal Democrat's outgoing Deputy Leader a net approval of 24, the highest for any politician in the country.

"The four least approved politicians all belong to the opposition, and include Yvette Cooper (net approval -22) and Harriet Harman (net approval -32). Lord Mandelson and Shadow Education Secretary and leadership hopeful Ed Balls are the most unpopular, with net approval ratings of -39."