Thursday, July 08, 2010

Labour leadership contenders in verbal punch up

It appears that a verbal punch up has broken out amongst Labour leadership contenders. Andy Burnham, according to The Independent, is having a bit of a spat with unnamed members of an equally unnamed rival leadership team (ie Ed Balls) over some poisonous media briefings. Startled bunny lookalike Andy Burnham is objecting to briefings which claim he will quit the leadership campaign shortly to avoid a humiliating last place. (Such a resignation could be a timebomb for Balls rather than a gift wrapped present as it could mean Balls coming last - what a humiliation that would be for Balls, coming in behind Diane Abbott!)

Should Burnham, indeed anyone, be surprised by the tactics allegedly employed by Balls? They shouldn't be. Briefing the media to destroy Labour opponents was a well used tactic of the Gordon Brown management team. Balls was the standard bearer of the Brown Praetorian Guard. Perhaps old habits are taking their time to die out.
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James said...

I think all thinking Liberal Democrats should get behind Ed Balls in his campaign for Labour leader...