Saturday, July 03, 2010

Labour MP who called for VAT rise under Labour attacks VAT rise under Coalition

On 29th October 2009, Blaydon Labour MP David Anderson called for a rise in VAT . However, on 28th June, Mr Anderson signed up to an Early Day Motion (2010/11 – 317) which claims “value added tax (VAT) is an unfair and regressive tax which disproportionately affects people on lower incomes”. The motion then goes on to oppose the recently announced VAT rise.

Mr Anderson has switched from being an advocate of a VAT rise under Labour to being a diehard opponent of a VAT rise when the rise is implemented by someone else.

This MP has made quite a fuss about the Lib Dems support for the Coalition budget which includes a rise in VAT. Perhaps he just needs reminding that his own record and his own sanctimonious posturing on VAT are not consistent with one other.

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