Friday, July 09, 2010

Photos from the Tyne Inspection

I blogged on Wednesday about being on an inspection carried out by the Port of Tyne Health Authority. I said I would post up a few photos. Here they are:

Gateshead Millennium Bridge open Jul 10 3
This is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge fully opened. A spectacular sight at any time but I understand the bridge is opened every day at midday during the summer. To the left is the Sage, Gateshead. This will be the location of the Lib Dem spring conference in March 2012.

Sage Gateshead Jul 10
A better view of the Sage.

Port of Tyne tour Jul 10 2
If you want to know anything about any site along the banks of the Tyne, Cllr Tommy Graham is your man. Here he is pointing out the landmarks to Councillors Ione and Noel Rippeth.

North Shields Lighthouse Jul 10
North Shields lighthouse, at the end of the North Shields pier

Oil rig on Tyne Jul 10
The only oil rig currently on the Tyne

Tyne cranes Jul 10 9
Both cranes were installed in 1924.

Tynemouth Priory Collingwood Statue Jul 10
Lord Collingwood statue and Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth Priory and battlement Jul 10
Tynemouth Priory and the cliff battlements

Tyne Tunnel development Jul 10
Work on going on the new Tyne Tunnel

Tyne Ferry Jul 10
Tyne Ferry "Pride of the Tyne". It is likely to end its service when the new Tyne Tunnel opens.

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