Thursday, July 08, 2010

Photos of the Deputy PM at PCA reception

The Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidates Association annual reception took place on Monday in Westminster with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as guest speaker. I was asked to do the photos so here are a handful. I've put a larger number in a group on my Flickr site:

PCA Reception July 2010 11
Nick with members of the PCA exec who were at the event. This one may (or may not) appear in Lib Dem News this week. (Extra points for those who spotted that this will mean I've had three page lead pics in a row!)

PCA Reception July 2010 8
The future is bright, the future is (Lib Dem) orange. Nick speaks to the reception, complete with glass of orange.

PCA Reception July 2010 5
My former boss, Lib Dem chief exec Chris Fox, who has just become a member of the editorial board of Parliamentary Campaigner which I edit.

PCA Reception July 2010 24
Deputy Leader Simon Hughes makes his point.

PCA Reception July 2010 13
Meeting some of the guests.

PCA Reception July 2010 19
Durham member Mark Wilkes and family with Nick.

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