Friday, July 02, 2010

So far, my constituents back voting reform

Well, now we know. 5th May is the date for the fair votes referendum. That avoids two different polling days next year. Holding the referendum on the day of the local and devolved elections will help boost turnout. That however is not a guarantee of success. Campaign now and campaign hard if you want the Yes vote to win. This will be a hard slog and those opposed to change will throw all they can at keeping the existing system.

I have been conducting a survey of my constituents about their views towards the Coalition. I have included a question about people's attitude to voting reform. The early indications are that the majority support reform. I will publish figures when I have a bigger sample.

Meanwhile, if you were a Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, watch out for the next edition of Parliamentary Campaigner from the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidates Assn. I completed it last night and it should be in your in box today. There are 2 pages on campaigning for the referendum.

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