Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bumping into people in dark alleyways

City Inn on Millbank is becoming something of a Lib Dem watering hole and feeding location. I went there last night after leaving the office for dinner with Christian Moon, my former boss from my Policy Unit days (who continues to occupy the desk next to mine and will do so until Policy are moved to Abbey Gardens) and Victoria Greaves, another former Policy colleague who made a successful escape to the private sector earlier this year. We used the same venue for the leaving do of Mike Zorbas in September and in October the night before I went on holiday for various people involved in the campaign promoting the new tax policies before conference.

After 10 minutes at the dinner table, in come Ming and Archie Kirkwood, for a meal at the next table before heading off to BBC Newsnight.

And then out in the street afterwards we bumped into Stephen Williams, Bristol MP, clutching a bag of Marks and Spencer food for his dinner and breakfast! A convenient encounter. I had been asked to shoot a video with him some time this week about the homophobic bullying campaign so we were able to get some idea of each other's availability.

Sad news when I got to the flat. As the washing machine had finally died, Richard kindly reminded me of the need to buy a new one. I left it to him to find a new machine on the internet. The result is I have just spent more at Currys than I was planning to spend at Christmas!

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