Friday, November 17, 2006

In the shadow of the Home Office

I had an editorial board meeting of the Parliamentary Campaigner this morning. So at some point shortly members of Parliamentary Candidates Assn will be receiving the next edition - once I have produced it. We meet in a cafe called Teverre, on the corner of Marsham St and Great Peter St in Westminster - right opposite the no-expenses-spared new building of the Home Office. It strikes me that had a council attempted to build such an extravagant HQ the government would have come down on them like a tonne of bricks. Anyway, we planned the next edition and after an hour or so, we each headed back to our respective offices. I now have my work cut out for the next week or so as we set the publication date for Friday 24th November.

The North East Democrat is a monthly newslletter I produce and email out to members in the North East (though there is a growing number of members from outside the region who receive it as well) I completed the typesetting last night but couldn't email it out at that point. This was because I hadn't finished editing the video of the Fiona Hall Question Time, the links for which I wanted to send out at the same time. I completed the editing late last night at the flat and uploded the videos to YouTube. So it was all ready to be emailed out at lunchtime.

The links were also included in the email newsletter I send out this evening to constituents. Afterall, it was constituents who were invited to send in their questions. I wait to see how much interest it generates from constituents. If the format works, I'd like to try it with other Lib Dem politicians.

Interviewed a second candidate for an intern this afternoon. Will need to take a decision soon.

Well as usual on a Friday evening, I am heading north on a train after a meal in London that was rushed down in between leaving the office late and heading for the 9pm train. David has booked himself in tomorrow for a magistrates' training course so I have to be up at 8am to run him over to Washington. Since my train gets in to Newcastle at 1am, I could have done with the lie in. But instead I'll have to make do with the early morning drive and then a trip down to our office to print more of the Post Office petition followed by delivering them in Whickham.
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Switcher said...

Hi Jonathan,

Seing that you are interested in video editing, I am taking on me to suggest you a web site you have to try. It is called You can do your own video by switching between 4 cameras of a live show. It is a lot of fun.

You will find a song by Jonas and next week, Roger Hodgson from Supertramp will be there with "Give a little bit". Try it, you will like it.