Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ancient Ephesus

I wrote this post on Monday but for some reason it got lost in the ether. So here it is again.

Monday 30th October

Kusadasi is another tourism mecca, on the west coast of Turkey. We made a wistle stop visit this morning to visit the ancient town of Ephesus. It reminded me a bit of Leptis Magna in Libya which I visited two years ago. A considerable part of Ephesus remains to be excavated, just like Leptis Magna but both former Roman towns have restored streets and buildings. At Ephesus, the theatre towers above everything else for it size and architecture. When in use 2000 years ago it could sit 23000 people. That's big enough for a Lib Dem conference. Perhaps I should suggest it as a new venue instead of Bournemouth, Brighton and that vile dump Blackpool.
The ship left at midday and we are now heading towards Cyprus. Indeed, the captain seems to be kicking the sh+t out of the engines and we are sailing at the fastest I have experienced on this ship. This is all to ensure we catch our flight tomorrow evening for, alas, tonight is our last night aboard. We have already packed the cases. Cameras have been put into their cases and the tripod is now in my suitcase. We are awaiting dinner and, with some trepidation, the bill for two weeks bar and wine purchases, use of the internet and so on.

I am already getting into the mindset of being back at work, winding myself up for the ordeal ahead. Most immediate job is to ensure the Issues of the Month is ready for circulation before the end of the week. I've also come up with an idea for use of email and video to engage with members. I need to get it past Ed Davey first so if that fails I'll simply bury the idea in the bad ideas cemetery, never to be seen again. If on the other hand it gets the go ahead, there will be plenty of mentions of it in the blog!

And of course of Wednesday there will be hundreds of emails waiting for me to read when I get back into Cowley Street. Oh joy!

Mind you, the big job for this weekend will be sorting the 1600 photos and 2 hours of video we have taken during this holiday.

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