Thursday, November 16, 2006

Heading for a gain from Labour?

Lib Dem run Newcastle are facing a by-election in a Labour seat that could well result in a gain for the Lib Dems. Lemington ward is the location for the contest following the death of one of the two Labour councillors in the ward.

In May however the Lib Dems gained the seat from Labour, taking 56% of the vote, an increase of 32%. Admittedly, some of the gain was down to the cock up by the Conservatives who submitted incorrect nomination forms for seven Newcastle seats and were unable to complete new nomination forms over the weekend prior to close of nominations.

The BNP also failed to field a candidate on May, though they took 5% of the vote when the ward was contested in 2004.

Not all the Lib Dem vote gain came from these two fringe parties' failure to field candidates. Labour's share dropped 12%.

The Conservative and BNP fringe parties are both fielding candidates in the by-election which will be held 2 weeks today. Admittedly that does bring a smile to the faces of Labour's demoralised, leaderless and hopeless troops in the city though they are decreasing in numbers all the time.

Labour are, from what we hear, throwing in everything including the kitchen sink and the Newcastle based call centre they operate. Only one thing they haven't thrown in yet is the towel, but hopefully they'll do that on 30th November.

I'll keep readers in touch with how the Lib Dems get on but anyone wanting to give a hand should contact Anita Lower, tel 0191 271 5625 or email

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