Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembrance Day and Post Offices

I laid the wreath this morning at the War Memorial in Whickham, leading the procession along the Front Street with my colleagues Councillors Allison Chatto and Peter Craig. We each laid a wreath for our respective wards. David shot the video so as he's not used to using it, it came out a bit wobbly and the zoom jumped about quite a bit. But it is on YouTube and can be viewed below.

Afterwards I went up to the village of Byermoor, the smallest settlement in my ward with fewer than 60 houses, to deliver the Post Office petition. I followed this with a trip back down to Whickham to deliver the same petition there. In total, 260 petition forms delivered today. So I was rather pleased to collect in 87 replies this evening. I haven't yet put them onto the database so I don't know the actual number of signatures, but I guess it will be at least 130. We have now collected over 4000 signatures. Also, 9 new email addresses today.

I ploughed my way through a huge pile of planning applications and council papers pulling out useful stories for the next editions of the eFocus email newsletter this evening. I now do three editions. Hopefully, they will be ready before the end of the week.

Having been told this morning that I am a workaholic by one of our council candidates, I decided to take time off this evening by watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then the second half of Carry on Abroad. Fortunately I was at the same time able to work on the laptop, writing up stories for eFocus. I think this is called multi tasking!

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