Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Casino Royale

I saw Casino Royale on Saturday evening as my bit of escapism from politics over the weekend (as well as celebrating my birthday.) I am a James Bond fan anyway and I did enjoy it!

To ensure I got to the cinema on time, I had to time the collection of our Post Office petitions to perfection. A group of us delivered 900 petition forms in the morning to houses in Whickham, in Blaydon constituency and we returned at 6pm to collect 190 completed forms, amounting to 320 signatures and a fair whack of new emails. We now have well in excess of 4000 signatures.

Sunday was spent in the Moving Forward regional training event in Newcastle. We all had to bring in copies of recent Focus leaflets and spent ages putting them through the "constructive criticism" mincer. There were few survivors!

After I came down to London yesterday I sent out a flurry of emails. Some to councillors asking them to do phone canvassing (I somehow managed to invite Scottish campaigns officers to do phone canvassing for me as well. Quite how they were included on the email distribution list is beyond me!) Other emails to constituents were sent out about plans to introduce car parking charges in Whickham - the Labour council are planning them and the Labour party have put out a leaflet claiming they are, errrr, against them!

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