Friday, November 17, 2006

Liberator has named me

I was told this afternoon, in passing, that I was mentioned in the latest edition of "Liberator". Apparently there was some criticism that I was involved with the handing out of leaflets at conference that explained the tax proposals to conference reps. I haven't seen this publication but I am looking forward to their acting in the fair and balanced approach that one would expect from those who genuinely believe in liberalism by giving me a right of reply. Since all those lovely people at Liberator know how to contact me, I look forward to their editorial contributors getting in touch to ask for my side of the argument.

And just in case they forget to contact me - understandable given that we are all busy people - this is what I would say: the Political Communications Unit for which I work deals with internal party communications. And it seems to me that informing people about significant proposals going before conference is something that internal communications should be about.

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Tristan said...

Its probably 'Radical Bulletin'.

Whoever writes it is reactionary and somewhat conservative. He does not like anyone who doesn't conform to his 'social liberalism' and is always banging on about the lunatic market fundamentalists.

Other articles are sensible and considered most of the time, but Radical Bulletin seems to seek to alienate people.

Its a pity, and its probably the reason why young people are not attracted to write for Liberator.

Jonathan Wallace said...

I sometimes wonder whether "liberal" is an appropriate word to use with some people!

Rob F said...

I haven't seen the Liberator piece, and I only saw a glimpse of the leaflet, so I'm very ill-qualified to comment.

Here goes then.

I think the complaint would be that it stepped beyond impartial information, and went instead in to advocacy of the change in policy, is that fair?