Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crystal Palace 70th Anniversary Fireworks

Last night a fireworks display marked the 70th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Crystal Palace. I took this video of the burning of the replica.


Rob F said...

For me, nothing better sums up a century of technological progress than the power cut that took the show out 10 minutes in :)

Tom Papworth said...

Why is it that the Councillor from Gateshead was there about it and the Ward Organiser for Penge & Cator thought it was today.

Damn my diary!

I shall have to drown my fireworkless sorrows in the Bluebottle.

Jonathan Wallace said...


I was going to be generous to the organisers and not dwell on the power cock up. But now that you have mentioned it, it was rather funny!

What caught us out however was leaving the park when it appeared the fireworks were over only to be be rudely caught out at the bottom of Annerley Hill with large bangs going off behind us.


I was under a three line whip from someone in my household to attend this event. So I didn't have to do anything other than be told when to be back at my flat (which is in Upper Norwood). A sort of informal diary secretary in operation!

Tom Papworth said...
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Tom Papworth said...


If your household is in range of West Norwood, how come you are a councillor in Gateshead?

Jonathan Wallace said...


I live in Gateshead and have done so all my life. However I have a flat in Upper Norwood I use when I am in London.