Friday, November 10, 2006

Have you tried Pageplus?

I have been in a training session in Cowley St today learning how to use Pageplus. If you use Pagemaker and haven't tried the new system, I recommend it! Duncan Borrowman is a dab hand at Pageplus and put on the training event. We have another one next week.

I left the office at 7.30pm to meet up with Richard who lives in my flat and have a meal before heading to KX for the 9pm train to Newcastle. We tried the Colleseum restaurant on Victoria Street, now under new management. It was okay but I think I preferred it under its previous owners. I only just caught the train! The carriage seems to contain some odd people. The guy I was sitting next to until a couple of minutes ago was clinging to his rucksack as if his life depended on it. The space restriction meant his elbows came close to colliding with my ribs on a number of occasions. Plenty of space in the overhead rack as well! The guy who was sitting behind me ate crisps loudly and constantly from KX - crunch, there goes another, and another. He also took the liberty of draping his newpaper over the back of my seat and at times over my head. I think I must be getting less tolerant in my old age!

David's mother has been staying at the house this week. She is still there now but goes back tomorrow. Probably means I won't get the chance to shoot the video I have planned for tomorrow.
Or deliver the Focus leaflet patch I have left.

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Joe Taylor said...

PagePlus is superb - extremely intuitive - and at a fraction of the price of Pagemaker!

I'm definitely a convert.

Liberal Neil said...

After 17 years of using Pagemaker it is something of a wrench - but even this old dog is managing to learn to use PagePlus okay.

Anonymous said...

And just imagine what you could do with a bit more training Neil :-)

People yesterday were all the way up to doing Photoshop style cutouts directly in PP11 and doing things like having a picture int he background to words (like the Bromley Mail masthead I did with the St. George's flag). All in one day!!! One person needs to be wrestled away from Pagemaker - but then the same was true in switiching him to Pagemaker from Crayons ;-)

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: the unnamed person he has just emailed me and is ploughing in to producing his literature on PP11 - from PP seceptic to PP artworker in a day!

Jock Coats said...

Ack! Save even more money - use Scribus and help promote ethical, communitarian, free open source software at the same time.

And it runs on OS X and Linux as well as Windows!

In future, we should make it a procurement rule in the party that when we're going to get stuff to promote around the party we be biased towards OSS.