Monday, November 13, 2006

Cowley St goes chocolate mad

My Saturday blog referred to chocolate biscuits made by David that were left unsold at the end of our Blaydon coffee morning. So I brought them into Cowley St and put them in the kitchen to prove to colleagues that I'm quite a generous guy! They lasted about 5 minutes (with only a few crumbs left after the press office got to them!)

Here are the responses:

delish bisquits! - Laura Zetterberg

Mmmmm! – Mark Pack

Thank you! It was divine!!! - Heno Clemett

Delicious – Lena Pietsch

If you made those - well done, they are amazing! Thank you!!! The Press Office

Very tasty :-) – Luke Croydon

absolutely awesome thanks! – Kate Heywood

David is offering to make more - if colleagues are really nice to me!


Anonymous said...

I have been out of the office today, and you truly are a wonderful person.

Joe Taylor said...

If you spot Nick Clegg down there, make sure you offer him one - according to our local rag he's quite partial. ;-)